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Kraftwerk - The Hall of Mirrors (With movies of the end of the XIX Centu...

Kraftwerk - The Hall of Mirrors (With movies of the end of the XIX Century and early XX century) 

This is just a Fan Video.

Ok: This are the movies i used for this video:
- Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat - Lumière Brothers (1895)
- Employees Leaving the Lumière Factory - Lumière Brothers (1895)
- Bataille de Boules de Neige - Lumière Brothers (1896)
- New York, Broadway At Union Square - Lumière Brothers (1896)
- Turkish Dance - Ella Lola - Thomas Edison - (1898)
- Elevated Railroad, New York City (1903)
- The Titanic at Belfast (1912) ---The identity of this ship is disputed---
- Annie Oakley - Edison - 1894
- Copyright title: Souvenir strip of the Edison Kinetoscope, Sandow, the modern Hercules - Property of the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. (1894?)
- Native American Sioux dance (1894)
- PillowFight - CREATED/PUBLISHED United States : Edison Manufacturing Co., 1897.
- Blacksmith Scene 1 - Edison - 1893
- Nietzsche's 'last days' in Weimar in the summer of 1899 (?)
- The earliest surviving copyrighted motion picture, the Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze is a short film made by W. K. L. Dickson in January 1894 for advertising purposes. Often referred to as "Fred Ott's Sneeze," this is is one of the world's earliest motion pictures and America's best known early film production. PROPERTY OD THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS.

Music: Kraftwerk - "The Hall Of Mirrors" - Trans Europe Express (1977)

I Hope you like it!!!! Please Comment!

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