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Pink Floyd - Echoes - Full Length!!! - Remember That Night

The full Length of Echoes by Pink Floyd. This version is from the outstanding DVD set Remember That Night.

Echoes written by Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason, David Gilmour in 1970 and released in 1971 for the album Meddle. The original track from Meddle is Pink Floyd's third longest song at 23:31 minutes. This version is 22 minutes long.

The album Meddle represents ( to me) the coming together of previous sound experimentation, effects and delay loops that were the early formation of Pink Floyd's famous sound. The squeals from David's guitar is the result of an earlier mistake made by a Pink Floyd roadie who hooked up David's wah pedal backwards. David refined the sound which became known as "The Seagull Effect".

Remember That Night
Produced by David Gilmour
Starring David Gilmour
Richard Wright
Dick Parry
Phil Manzanera
Guy Pratt
Jon Carin
Steve DiStanislao
David Crosby
Graham Nash
David Bowie
Robert Wyatt
Music by David Gilmour
Pink Floyd
Distributed by EMI (UK)
Columbia (US)
This video is not rendered to the full quality extent of the DVD, does not include the full volume of the DVD and is presented for review only in the hopes the viewer will be pleased to the extent to promote the viewer to buy the full dvd.

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