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Nat Star.(UK)..Lets Do it..(Cole Porter)..1929

For a man who possibly recorded in Britain,over 2,000 records,it is extraordinary how little is known about this music director.
Approx 90% of his output was not in his own name.Therefore he was completely unknown to the public in the 1920s and 30s and has remained relatively unknown ever since.
Nat was brought to London by his bereaved mother from Poland,when a boy..However he ended up in an orphanage in Norwood South London.
He played and recorded with Hylton's band in early 1923 and then got work as MD of Homocord Records.Here he used over 30 psuedonyms to make it look like that label had a big roster of bands.He never led a band outside of the studios.In 1934 he retired due to poor health and Homocord also ceased to exist in the same year.
So..what of his many recordings? Well..in addition to not using his name on records,and not leading a live band,he also used stock arrangements,due to financial constraints..This meant that a lot of his output was competent,but largely unremarkable.A consequence of that was, few reviews of his records were made in the press, and to top it all, the minor labels he recorded with,had poor sound quality.
This record demonstrates how good Nat Star's studio band could be.It is a lovely,bouncy crisp rendition of the classic.Well played with solos.It is my favourite version..However Nat Star remains in the shadow of other MD's working in Britain at the same time,eg Bert/John Firman,Harry Bidgod,Harry Hudson.Jay Wilbur.
Nat Star deserves better recognition of his massive output as his music was overall pretty decent and sometimes exceptional..Musicians unknown but Tom Barrett does a nice vocal here..See what you think..

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